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    • Ep.33 – Christopher Coleman: The 180 Effect

    Ep.33 – Christopher Coleman: The 180 Effect

    At 22 years, Christopher Coleman found himself depressed, lost in life and eventually homeless. Realizing he needed to do something to turn around his life, he decided to commit to a long-term plan of personal development, improved health and wellness, and acquiring new life and business skills. In this episode, Agent 251 talks with Christopher, entrepreneur, health & wellness instructor, author and motivational speaker about the importance of healthy diet, exercise, self-motivation, and skilling up. Plus, he shares his continuous life growth program and book, The 180 Effect, and how you can incorporate his experiences, knowledge, and philosophy into your business and personal life. If you're looking for an inspirational podcast that will give you clear action steps to changing your life; you have found the right one!

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    Health Is Wealth Nation

    The 180 Effect Tour

    Key Takeaways:

    > Health is wealth. If you don't take care of your self with proper nutrition and exercise you won't have the ability or fuel to accomplish your business and life goals.

    > Life and situation change starts from within. You can learn from mentors, teachers, and influencers but self-motivation comes from the self.

    > The 180 Effect is all about, continued growth. You have to grow, have to groom and increase your skills to be great. Once you reach greatness, the cycle starts again.


    Quotable Quotes:

    I'm here to give you guys some fire, add some value. - Christopher Coleman

    It's amazing how much the 80-20 rule applies to so many things. - Jason Will

    You cannot work a bad diet at all. - Christopher Coleman

    Getting real health results in life is 80% nutrition, only 20% exercise. - Christopher Coleman

    You have to pursue your health, and that's your fuel, that's your energy… - Christopher Coleman

    I'm big on optimizing our health while we accumulate wealth. - Christopher Coleman

    You're either on the negative side or you're on the positive side of self-talk. - Christopher Coleman

    If you can change your self-talk and you're always motivating yourself, even in and times, you can train your muscle to encourage yourself, that can change the game. - Chris Coleman

    I literally can't motivate you. There's no such thing as motivation. There's self-motivation. - Christopher Coleman

    My vision: In order to help a million people I needed a million dollars. In order to help a billion people, I need a billion dollars. - Christopher Coleman

    If I can teach high school and college kids how to sell Cutco knives, then I can do anything. - Christopher Coleman

    There's no {BLEEP} reason people should be dying simply from eating, like from what they're eating. - Christopher Coleman

    If you're not rebuilding, then it's hard to progress. It's all about those smaller disciplines over a long period of time being consistent. - Christopher Coleman

    That's really what "The 180 Effect" is all about, continued growth. You have to grow, have to groom, you gotta be great. Then you can be great and then the cycle starts again. - Christopher Coleman

    You can get to a certain level, but you gotta have some hunger and some drive to continue going. - Christopher Coleman

    You're either going forward, or you're getting behind. There is no in-between. - Christopher Coleman

    Even if you get better just 1% every day, it's continuously, you know, growing personally. - Christopher Coleman

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