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    • Ep.20 – Larry White: Fueling Your Obsession

    Ep.20 – Larry White: Fueling Your Obsession

    In this episode, Agent 251 sits down with Larry White Jr. (Real Estate Team Profit Machine, Tim Ferry Coach, Xome.com) to discuss maximizing your daily productivity, harnessing the power of gratitude and appreciation, and planning and prioritizing your life/ work goals. Learn the difference between your interest in something, committed to something, and obsession. Awareness and understanding of your healthy obsession could be the catalyst that boosts your career and daily life to bigger and more prosperous outcomes. Larry candidly shares his up and down career path and how his mindset of "never a victim" and "falling forward" has made him a stronger entrepreneur and has set him up to take advantage of new opportunities in ever-changing markets. Lastly, Agent 251 dives deep into Xome.com and how this "secret weapon" is shaking up the national Real Estate market.

    KEY TAKEAWAYS: > Define your dream and work obsessively towards that dream.

    > Make yourself and your family your priority every day; first thing in the morning, you should decide what 3-5 tasks will benefit your, and your family then focus on completing those tasks first.

    > Make your passions your priority. If you are obsessive about becoming successful in something that you’re passionate about, the money will follow.


    SUMMARY Today’s Guest: Larry White Jr. “Tim Ferry Coach” Catalyst & Creator of Opportunities Real Estate Team Profit Machine

    MAIN POINTS: XOME > XOME helps real estate agents generate leads & increase their business. > Xome and agents are in a mutually beneficial relationship: If agents can’t do the fundamentals right, they won't be able to catch anything else. > Xome is an auction platform that was originally used to sell only foreclosures, etc. but now also targets the FSBO category (6-8% of the real estate market). > Xome reaches out to the FSBO seller by giving the seller an agent and all the benefits of having an agent WITHOUT any agent’s commission > The Xome business model benefits REO agents by creating a pricing and marketing strategy that creates a significant amount of traffic and exposure > Xome also allows agents to streamline the process of becoming an REO agent

    FUNDAMENTALS ARE THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY If an REO agent hasn’t been able to manage the fundamentals, they will not be successful in their business,


    HOW YOU START YOUR DAY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS >The average person looks at their phone when they first wake up. This creates a situation where you are starting the day off in a reactionary mindset and responding to everyone else’s problems, rather than prioritizing what they need to do >Don’t look at your phone for the first hour or two of the day in order to work on yourself

    IF YOU DON’T PRIORITIZE YOURSELF, NO ONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU. > Start your day by prioritizing self-care, fitness, and gratitude. > Plan your day by deciding the top 3-5 things that will most benefit yourself and your business that day and then focus on just those things. > Focusing on your priorities will allow you to become accomplished.

    MORNING ROUTINE IS CRITICAL TO SUCCESS >Set yourself and your business up for success by making yourself and your business your first priority every day.

    WHAT WE TRACK AND MEASURE GETS RESULTS >Just like tracking your calories or weight helps you get results in weight loss, tracking your progress and achievements in business will also get your success.

    ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS WILL HELP YOU STAY ON TRACK > An accountability partner that “lets your slide” isn’t a true accountability partner > Motivation is key to remaining accountability > Creative (light-hearted) negative consequences are often fantastic ways for a partner to keep you accountable

    FOLLOW YOUR FULFILLMENT > Focus on what fulfills you in life and money will follow > If you aren’t passionate about what you do are doing you won't be successful.

    BREAK OUT OF THE MINDSET THAT YOUR CHILDHOOD SET YOU UP FOR > Just because your dad worked himself to death in a job he hated doesn’t mean that’s how you need to live your life > Follow your dreams and obsessions, forget having been told that you won’t make it or can’t do it

    VISUALIZE YOUR DREAM & OBSESSIVELY WORK ON IT > Make a goal statement > Make a vision board > Decide the steps > Work towards achieving your dream EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    FAILURE ISN’T PERSONAL > Allow your failures to be teaching moments > Discomfort is a motivator. You need to be uncomfortable in being uncomfortable. > Focusing on failure keeps you from focusing on working towards success.

    TRUST YOUR GUT > If you have a bad feeling of a business deal/situation/investment trust that feeling > Have an overcomer mindset: > We get unlimited chances.


    QUOTABLE QUOTES “Be grateful for what you have and let go of what is out of your control” - Jason Will

    “Sometimes putting your phone in airplane mode for a couple hours is a great way to allow yourself to focus on the priority at hand; and sometimes that priority is your family or your business or your self-care. - Jason Will

    "If agents cannot do the fundamentals right, they have the hardest time capturing business." - Larry White Jr.

    "As I add value to others lives my compensation, without a ton of effort, continues to grow year after year." - Larry White Jr

    "I do not have a victim approach. Life happens for me and not to me." - Larry White Jr

    Embrace the changes in real estate. See where the market is going and how we can capture and take advantage of that change. - Larry White Jr

    “Start your day by prioritizing yourself and your goals. If you do not prioritize yourself no one else will do it for you.” - Larry White Jr.

    “What we track and measure gets results.” - Larry White Jr.

    “Money is the byproduct of doing what we love” - Larry White Jr.

    “Don't have that victim mentality. Life isn’t happening to you; it's happening for you.” - Larry White Jr.



    REFERENCES / RESOURCES / LINKS LarryMFWhite facebook Instagram 602-206-1226

    Mobile and Baldwin County agents have an opportunity to meet Larry and learn about Xome and be in the ground floor of an industry disruptor

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