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    Family. The backbone of society. The foundation of who a person is and what
    he or she becomes. The most valuable human institution. Family, according to
    Jayne Hardy, is all this and more. Ask her, and she will tell you that her
    family members—whether parents, grandparents, siblings, or children—have
    always intensely shaped her life direction and goals. Born in Sylacauga, AL,
    Jayne experienced a very stable home life which instilled in her a deep
    appreciation for having a steady, reliable support group to whom to turn in
    difficult times. It is this same deep appreciation that Jayne daily seeks to
    communicate to each person with whom she comes in contact: an appreciation
    for life and all the beauties of it; an appreciation for the many friends who
    surround each and every one of us—if only we can learn to recognize them; an
    appreciation for the unsurpassable joy of spending time—no matter how short—
    with those one loves. Disappointment and heartache, surely a part of
    everyone’s life in one way or another, have no place in Jayne’s outlook. To
    come into contact with this bright, joyful woman, one finds it easier to
    dwell on all the things one has to be thankful for. As your friend, Jayne
    pulls your perspective to greater positivity; as your realtor, she is not
    interested in merely finding the “picture perfect” home, but the home that
    speaks to your heart.
    Jayne’s story begins in Sylacauga, AL, where her parents met as students at
    Sylacauga High School. Born and raised in this small town known as “The
    Marble City” (after its many white marble bedrock quarries), Jayne’s young
    father worked for Alabama Power while Jayne’s mother pursued nursing school
    after graduation, and went on to procure a Nursing position at a local
    Sylacauga hospital. The two married shortly afterwards and her father started
    his career at Southern Alloy.
    Jayne, the middle
    sibling between two rambunctious brothers, soon learned the ins and outs of
    football, baseball, and pranks! When her brothers were not teaching her to
    play ball, or diligently drilling her on the stats of the family’s favorite
    baseball teams, Yankees or Red Socks, then they were making sure Jayne felt
    the effects of their mischief. Such was Jayne’s girlhood... adequate training,
    most likely, for the life she would later lead as mother to six boys!
    Jayne also took ballet, tap, and jazz dancing as a
    young girl growing up, along with baton twirling through high school years.
    Daphne, AL proved to be Jayne’s next destination after Sylacauga, then
    Mobile, then north Alabama. But a true Mobilian at heart, Jayne quickly moved
    back to the city that had captured a piece of her heart. Previously,
    bookkeeping and loan department work had been Jayne’s role at the Sylacauga
    bank, followed by a secretarial position at a dentist office in Daphne. With
    this variety of job experiences under her belt, Jayne next began working in
    Mobile at an engineering firm based out of Pascagoula, MS, but all this was
    to change when Jayne’s first son was born. A proud stay-at-home mother, Jayne
    nurtured her six sons through the toddler years, the school years, the sports
    years, the work years, and now the college years. Close in age and fast
    friends, Jayne’s crew reflects her own dedication to—and emphasis upon—
    family. For years, Jayne devotedly attended her boys’ myriad football,
    soccer, & baseball games, tennis matches, and track meets, and it is only as
    her youngest has grown up a bit that she has decided to re-enter the
    Why real estate? Because of the excitement of it all! Having had the
    opportunity to buy homes in the various places she had lived, as well as a
    vacation condo in Orange Beach, Jayne quickly recognized a love for the real
    estate process. Operating as realtor would also allow her the time and
    flexibility to remain a significant part of her sons’ lives. And even in her
    new role in real estate, Jayne prioritizes that “family feel.” She will tell
    you that after searching for the right company to join, it was not until she
    found Jason Will Real Estate, where the agents support one another like
    family, where they greet and welcome new agents and their children with
    friendly hospitality, that she felt she had found the place.
    Always seeking to live a well-rounded life, Jayne enjoys many different
    activities. Along with reading, cooking, and all things Church-related, Jayne
    also spends a good deal of time on the water. Whether relaxing on the beach,
    inshore or deep-sea fishing, or boating, Jayne is sure to be found taking
    advantage of Alabama’s beautiful coastal setting. And known to be the
    adventurous type, she loves spending time outdoors during the summer; one of
    these summers, she plans to visit Hawaii and the Bahamas! Day in and day out,
    Jayne exemplifies a grateful, giving spirit and lives by the maxim, “Live
    each day with no regrets and always thank God for the blessings he has
    given!” She is just the sort of realtor—and friend—that everyone is looking

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    Jayne Hardy

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